The Golden Bell Brass Band is uniquely capable of playing fun, high-energy music in a wide variety of genres, including:

✓ R&B and Hip Hop Covers ✓ New Orleans Second-Line ✓ Balkan

✓ Klezmer ✓ Indian Bharat ✓ Funk and Soul ✓ Afro-Latin



Brass Band Services

The Golden Bell Brass band can be fully acoustic and by definition is mobile, which makes it a unique and versatile music option!



The Golden Bell Brass Band can march your guests from one location to another. For example, it is often the perfect way to transition from ceremony to cocktail hour, or from cocktail hour to dinner.


Cocktail Hour

The Brass Band is a fun alternative for cocktail hour music, and can often be more fun and lively than a more traditional jazz or string set.


Surprise Set!

As a mobile band, we’re often asked to sneak up on unsuspecting event-goers, to create instant and unexpected dance parties.